Time to Run by John GilstrapTitle: Time to Run

Author: John Gilstrap

Pages: 118

Publisher: Lyrical Underground

Publication Date: 29 March 2016

Rating: ★★★

I received a review copy of this book from NetGalley

In the first thrilling installment of John Gilstrap’s five-part novel, a young woman sets off on what could be her last joyride—with a man who is killing more than just time . . .

Nicki Janssen’s days are numbered, but the feisty seventeen-year-old is not going to face her future lying down. Instead of enduring another round of medical treatments, she hits the road with a pocketful of cash, a bus ticket—and a romantic fantasy of riding into the sunset with her childhood crush.
Handsome, dangerous Brad Ward is facing a different kind of death sentence. Sent to prison for felony murder, he has escaped and rekindled his connection to Nicki. He’s sworn he’ll never be taken alive.
When Nicki’s father, Carter Janssen, discovers what she’s done—and who she’s with—he draws on all his skills as a prosecuting attorney, and all his love as a father, to rescue his daughter from an untimely death…

The idea behind this book is a little bit different to what I am used to. It’s not a novel or novella, but rather the first installment of a serialised story. Personally, I’m not a fan of the serial style. I like to have the whole thing in my hands and read it at my own pace rather than have to wait for the next instalment, but it had John Gilstrap’s name on it and I liked some of his previous stuff so I gave it a try anyway.

Time to Run is the beginning of John Gilstrap’s serialised story Nick of Time. It covers roughly the first twenty percent of the story that follows terminally ill teenager Nicki Janssen. Nicki, who has only twelve months left to live unless she can get a heart and double lung transplant, decides to enjoy what time she has left by running away from home with an old friend she has recently reconnected with online.

It’s a bit hard to review this book because it’s not a full story, but just a segment of it. The general idea of the plot is interesting and for some reason it reminds of the TV show Catfish and it reaffirms the notion that you don’t really know who you’re talking to online. However I also found it frustrating because it had just gotten me fully engaged and then it was over. In terms of characters, I liked Nicki and found her quite easy to relate with but I haven’t really seen enough to form an opinion of anyone else.

All in all, Gilstrap has a very nice writing style and while I am interested to see what happens next, the serial style is not something I particularly enjoy. Luckily the wait isn’t too long as there’s only a couple of weeks until the next installment Time to Hide is released.

Worth a read? If you like the serial style of storytelling and can keep yourself engaged in between the release of new installments, then Time to Run is worth a read. It’s an interesting story and Gilstrap has a pleasant writing style which would appeal to a lot of thriller readers.



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