No Safe Place by Matt HiltonTitle: No Safe Place

Author: Matt Hilton

Pages: 270

Publisher: Sempre Vigile Press

Publication Date: 31 May 2016

Rating: ★★★★


Who does Andrew Clayton turn to for help when his wife has been murdered, his child is in danger, and the police think he is responsible?

Despite his mistrust of Clayton, Joe Hunter accepts the job of protecting young Cole. But who is he protecting the boy from? And why?

It’s clear Clayton knows more about his wife’s killer, but he isn’t saying. And when his silence places Cole in the killer’s sights there’s…No Safe Place

I came across Matt Hilton about half a year ago when I was looking for a Jack Reacher replacement and I thoroughly enjoyed his first book Dead Men’s Dust. Since then, I have read all of the Joe Hunter novels and Hilton is right up there in my top handful of favourite authors, which is why I couldn’t wait to get my hands on No Safe Place. Having torn through the book in just a few days, I can say the wait was worth it because Hilton has written another amazing novel.

No Safe Place is Matt Hilton’s eleventh novel featuring vigilante Joe Hunter and his sidekick Jared “Rink” Rington. When Ella Clayton is murdered in her own home during a robbery, detective Bryony VanMeter believes it may have been a ruse perpetrated by her husband Andrew although she cannot prove it. She convinces Andrew to hire vigilante Joe Hunter as a bodyguard to protect him and his young son in case the murderers return, but secretly she sets Hunter the task of determining whether Andrew was involved in his wife’s murder.

Matt Hilton is a vivid story teller. That is probably my favourite aspect in all of his books and that is definitely the case in No Safe Place. Without being wordy, Hilton is great at describing the settings and exactly what is going on to the point where I can clearly see it all in my head. His books read just like action thriller movies and I really enjoy that.

The story in No Safe Place is simple, yet effective. It has everything I expected and wanted in a Matt Hilton novel. There’s the compelling, yet not over-the-top, mystery element, there’s all the action, there’s Hunter being a bad-ass and there’s the comedy element in the interactions between Hunter and Rink which I feel really set Hilton apart from the rest of the genre. I felt the mystery element was pretty well done because it definitely felt reasonable without being ridiculous and the story never dragged at any point.

My only real disappointment with the novel was that there wasn’t a lot of Rink in the book. Rink is probably my favourite secondary character in any book series, along with Dan Mayland’s John Decker, and I’ve come to love reading the interactions between him and Hunter, but there wasn’t as much of that in this book. It was also interesting to see the interactions between Hunter and the young kid although they felt pretty awkward at times, which was probably the point.

All in all, No Safe Place is just about what you would expect if you are familiar with Matt Hilton’s work. It’s another action-packed, quick-paced mystery thriller novel with a simple but thrilling story and the occasional laugh throughout. As always, I can’t wait to see where Hilton goes next with the series and hopefully there’s a lot more Rink in the future!

Worth a read? If you’re looking for your Jack Reacher fix and you want a quick, action-packed mystery, then you can’t go wrong with Matt Hilton and No Safe Place. It’s written in a similar style to Jack Reacher, but Joe Hunter is his own character and every bit as engaging as Reacher himself.



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