The Edge of Alone by Sean BlackTitle: The Edge of Alone

Author: Sean Black

Pages: 269

Publisher: Sean Black Digital

Publication Date: 10 July 2016

Rating: ★★★★


An isolated school for troubled teens. A series of mysterious deaths. A father frantically trying to rescue his daughter before it’s too late.

But when the law won’t listen, who can he turn to?

Private security operator Ryan Lock is back in the brand new novel from internationally bestselling author, Sean Black.

If I am going to be honest, The Edge of Alone was probably my most anticipated book of the year due to the simple fact that it has been almost a year and a half since I have had the pleasure of reading about Lock and Ty. I was so excited to finally have another Ryan Lock story that I tore through it in just two days and all I can say is that it was definitely worth the wait because The Edge of Alone is a great read.

The Edge of Alone is Sean Black’s seventh novel featuring close protection specialist Ryan Lock. When Ruth Price is sent to Broken Ridge Academy, a school for troubled teenagers, by her mother, Ruth’s father hires Ryan Lock and his best friend Ty to figure out how to get her back. While Ty goes undercover as an employee at the school, Lock does some digging and finds that Ruth may be in more danger than anyone could imagine.

This book is a little bit different to most of the previous novels in the series as Lock investigating rather than using his skills as a bodyguard, but it also has the same feel as the others as it is jam packed with action, intrigue and an interesting story. It was a little weird that Lock and Ty don’t actually appear until about a third of the way through the book, but I didn’t really notice I was that far through at the time because Black writes in such a way that I just get sucked in and entranced with the words on the page.

The plot itself was engaging and interesting, if a little short. I would have liked to have seen the plot stretched out a little bit more, although that’s just because the book was on the short side. Black did a good job of characterisation when it came to Ruth as I was genuinely invested in her plight, while he also did a good job of setting the staff at Broken Ridge up as formidable antagonists. All in all, the story was as strong as most other Lock books and it had the action, mystery and suspense you’d expect.

There were two key issues that I have with this book though. The first is that it felt like Lock took a back seat and Ty was the main character. Don’t get me wrong, I like Ty as a character but Lock is by far the more interesting character and I would have liked to see him have a bigger role in the book. The second gripe is that the editing is below par and it does detract from the story when characters change names and stuff like that halfway through a paragraph.

In summary, The Edge of Alone is a good read with an interesting story and well-written action but it is let down a touch by poor editing and the fact that Lock takes a back seat. Despite that, it was great to be able to read about Lock and Ty again and hopefully it is not long until we see them in the eighth book of the series!

Worth a read? If you’re a fan of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, Matt Hilton’s Joe Hunter or any other series with a strong lead character who does whatever it takes to do the right thing, then Sean Black’s Ryan Lock series and the latest instalment The Edge of Alone will be right up your alley.



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